With its mouthwatering flavor and high CBD content, Pineapple Express is your one-way ticket to Happytown.

Pineapple Express hemp flower combines genetics from Trainwreck and Hawaiian CBD to yield a high-cannabidiol strain that’s every bit as delicious as the original. With its compact yellow-green buds, bright orange pistils, and a super-thick layer of trichomes, Pineapple Express is the kind of strain that you'll love from the moment you open the package.

Famous for its unique fragrance, Pineapple Express features a virtual banquet of mouthwatering terpenes. Myrcene and limonene form an earthy, citrus base, while spicy beta-caryophyllene rounds out the sweet pineapple flavor with cinnamon and cedar notes. Rarer terpenes, such as guaiol and terpinolene, create the strain’s trademark aroma and will let you know that you’ve undeniably boarded the Pineapple Express.

Pineapple Express Hemp Flower