No THC isolated CBD source, it has become the CBD supplement of choice for anyone looking for a high-quality CBD supplement, without any of the worries of THC. Our hemp oil CBD isolate liquid features a botanical powerhouse combination of cannabidiol (CBD) and medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.  The MCT oil found within our liquid is derived from wholesome organic coconut oil and is an excellent source of healthy fatty acids.  Packed in an amber glass bottle to preserve the natural ingredients of the CBD hemp oil and increase shelf life.

Sizes Available:

1oz/30ml   500mg = 16.66mg per ml

2oz /60ml 1000mg= 16.66mg per ml

1oz /30ml 1000mg=  33.33mg per ml

1oz /30ml 1500mg=  50mg per ml

2oz /60ml 3000mg= 50mg per ml

CBD Isolate Tincture | Natural

  • Coconut MCT Oil, CBD Isolate