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This is how you fill and pack Raw cones!

Put away your chop sticks and your ink pen inserts! It is finally here; the only protective case capable of filling and packing paper cones with dispensary quality every time in under 1 minute.  This case is sized for 1 1/4 cones and packs 3 grams into 6 cones.

Instructions for cone packing.

First, you disassemble the case. Then place cones inside the main body and pour ground product into cover. Turn the main body upside down and insert fully into the cover. Then, you turn the entire case over once more and tap the entire case on a semi-hard to hard surface for 45 seconds, rotating at least once. After 45 seconds, turn the case over again and remove the main body from inside the cover. The excess product will fall out into cover where it can be poured back into your supply. Remove funnel cap, twist tops, return filled cones to case for protection where you can carry them with you until you have finished smoking them. Then begin again. For video, click here

1 1/4 Cone Packing Case

$24.99 Regular Price
$12.50Sale Price